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2020 - Vol 24 (1) - June

  Guest Editorial
  Library’s take away from the Covid-19 Lockdown
  Dr. M.G. Sreekumar PDF
  1. Information Literacy Proficiency and Competence of LIS Students of
      National University, Bangladesh
      Sabrina Aktar and Md. Maidul Islam PDF

2.  Job Dissatisfaction among Library Staff of Polytechnic Libraries in
      South-South Region of Nigeria
      Osaheni Oni (CLN) and John Odion Oshiotse PDF

3.  Impact of Growth of Publications, Form and Authorship
     Pattern on Usage of Library and Information Science Literature:
     A Bibliometric Study based on Scopus Database
     Dr. V. Uma and Dr. V.J. Suseela PDF

4.  Use of Print and Electronic Resources by Undergraduate Students in
     Selected Colleges Affiliated to University of Delhi
      Deepti Khatri and Dr. Paramjeet K. Walia  PDF 

5.  Influence of M-Learning on the Learning Outcomes of Library and
     Information Science Students: A Study in Universities in Kerala
     Dr. Mohamed Haneefa K. and Shahla  PDF 

6.  Use of Library Resources and Services of Government Colleges in Manipur
      Ngangbam Tezeeb Singh, Dr. Th. Madhuri Devi and  Dr. Ch. Ibohal Singh PDF 

7.  Use of E-Resources by the Research Scholars of University of Kerala:
      A Comparative Study
      Bibina C. B. and Dr. Humayoon Kabir S. PDF 

8.  Use of Nalanda Digital Library by Post Graduate Students of
      National Institute of Technology, Calicut
      Shibin S. B.  PDF 

9.  Indian Research in Progress: An Analysis of ShodhGangotri Repository
     Dr. Sudhi S. Vijayan PDF 

10. Awareness and Use of Information Technology among
      Public Librarians in Kerala
      Anat Suman Jose  PDF 

11. Job Satisfaction of Library Professionals of Mahatma Gandhi University:
      An Analytical Study
      Rabaeka Rachael V. G. and Dr. B. Mini Devi PDF 


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